Do you have a problem with one of the apps?

You can find answers to many questions regarding the apps in the manuals and in the FAQs.

Do you need further support?

You can email me! When contacting me please tell me which app it’s about and which operating system you’re using (Android/iOS). If it helps to better describe your problem I’m glad to receive a screenshot. In case of presentation issues, crashes, etc., knowing the device model as well as the version of the operating system is often also helpful. → Where can I find this information?

Why is no phone support offered?

I work alone on several projects which is why I can’t offer a constantly available phone support. Moreover, if I receive a sudden phone call I might not have all information I need to solve your problem within reach. I can integrate email requests much more easily into my work flow. Also, email communication allows me to provide you a better answer as an email can also include useful weblinks or screenshots.