Finding out Device Model and the Operating System’s Version

When reporting problems with the apps it is often helpful for me to have the following information in addition to an accurate problem description:

  1. Version of the operating system
  2. Model name of the device

This information is especially required for display or presentations issues and crashes. For solving content issues (e.g. spelling errors) this information is rather not required.

Here you learn how to find this information under Android, iOS or iPadOS, or on your Mac with M1 chip


There are different ways to find the information in the Settings, depending on the installed Android version. Common places to find the Android version as well as the Device name are:

  • About phone or About tablet
  • System → System update

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iOS or iPadOS

On your iPhone or on your iPad you can find the information in the System settings. Launch Settings on your device and select General → About. Here you can find the Model Name and the Software Version.

Model Number and Software Version in the System settings of an iOS device

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macOS (Apple M1)

Newer Macs with M1 chip are also able to run apps developed for mobile Apple devices. If you are using the app under macOS you can find the macOS version as well as the device model under About This Mac in the Apple menu.

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