Look up many important Dutch verb forms and playfully learn the verb forms in present tense, perfect tense and past tense. For iPhone and iPad.

Ben je op zoek naar een app om je Nederlands bij te spijkeren?

Are you searching for an app that’ll help you to improve your Dutch? Then you are at the right place! With the Werkwoordleraar, you can learn to conjugate many important Dutch verbs and look up translations and verb forms.


Look up translations as wells as the verb forms of essential Dutch and Flemish verbs for present tense, perfect tense and past tense

Verb Quiz

Let the app test your current Dutch conjugation knowledge. Before each training, you can decide which verbs you like to focus on


The integrated statistics are based on your answers in the verb-quiz sessions and provide you information on your learning progress

Easy to Use

A straightforward menu structure and simple settings will help you to entirely focus on your personal Dutch language learning goals

Speech Synthesis

Use your device’s speech-synthesis system to find out how to pronounce the verbs and their different verb forms correctly


Use the settings to make the app suit your needs: Tested verbs, appearance of pronouns, speed of synthesized speech, dark mode

50 free verbs
No in-app advertising
No subscription

Learn the forms of many important Dutch verbs.

The app contains important Dutch verbs with a translation as well as the basic verb forms for present tense, perfect tense and past tense. You can also use the speech synthesis on your device to learn the pronunciations.

Practice easily and playfully with the verb quiz.

The app’s verb quiz interactively tests whether you’re able to find the right verb forms and corrects your answers. Before you start a session, use the different filter settings to decide on which verbs or verb forms you like to focus.

Use statistics to keep track of your learning progress.

Your answers in the quiz sessions form the basis for statistics on your learning progress. Filter your results by verb groups and the different tenses to find out in which areas you can still improve. This will help you to plan your next steps.

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